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Individual tracks can be purchased directly from this website for only $0.99, using a credit card or PayPal. You can also download the whole album for $9.99. If you prefer to download from your favourite music provider, or want to order a physical CD, with 12 page booklet, please click on the links at the bottom of the page.

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01. Red, White & Blue $0.99
02. Turn Off Fox TV $0.99
03. I’d Love To Change The World $0.99
04. What Would Jesus Do? $0.99
05. How’d We Get Here? $0.99
06. Helping Hands $0.99
07. NGO Man $0.99
08. Too Many Bangkok Blues $0.99
09. Train To Nowhere $0.99
10. God Bless Died $0.99
Includes all songs, plus bonus booklet with lyrics and album artwork.

Bonus Tracks and New Songs

NEW SONG! The Next President?
Robert C Reynolds and Jimmy Patrick Roche
Finalist – 2013 USA Songwriter Competition ~ Comedy/Novelty Category
Copyright 2012 Last Cafe Artists Performed by Jimmy Patrick Roche
Another Robert C. Reynolds production. Preview on YouTube
Sunflower Serenade
Preview on YouTube
By Bonita Secunda and Robert C Reynolds – Anti-Fracking and Solar Energy Protest song
Copyright 2014 Last Cafe Artists